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A sustainable development model

Corporate Social Responsibility: always a part of our DNA

A sustainable development model

Ethical and responsible management, generation of a positive impact.
These are the rules on which our vision of Sustainability is based.
These are the values that underlie the relations we nourish each and every day
with our stakeholders and which are borne out
by the commitment we have been showing for years.

Stakeholders: the foundation of our ecosystem

A dialogue based on constancy, timeliness and transparency. Active listening focused on social, economic, environmental and cultural topics.

It is on this solid base that our relations with stakeholders rests, mapped out to assess the specificities and needs and to identify the sustainability topics most important to them and our Group.

Stakeholder map

Starting from the reference context in which we operate, trends and sustainability in the Life Sciences sector, we have identified the topics considered material, meaning relevant on which we have a significant impact and which could substantially influence Stakeholder assessments and decisions.
Through the involvement of representatives of the main company functions, we have grouped the material topics into five clusters.

Material topics