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Bracco - Life from inside

Message to Stakeholders

Diana Bracco and Fulvio Renoldi Bracco

For over 90 years, Bracco has pursued its mission to safeguard health
and prevent illnesses.
This commitment has been reinforced by continuous investments
in research and development and guided by a robust set of values,
from environmental protection to social responsibility,
from international cooperation to a people-centric approach.

As has also been described in the new Code of Ethics, Bracco is a responsible organisation which places the concept of sustainability, expressed economically, environmentally and socially, at the heart of its way of operating. A wide range of values therefore represent our compass: the health and safety of patients foremost, followed by quality products and services, a commitment to reducing environmental impacts, and consequently, efforts to limit emissions; last but not least the promotion of equality, diversity, welfare and well-being for employees and collaborators. These, for us, are inviolable principles. The data shown in this Sustainability Report demonstrate our resolve to turn our values into action: you have simply to peruse these pages that detail the many goals achieved.

As proof of our proactive and enduring commitment, we have received three acknowledgements this year of which we are very proud: Top Employer Italy 2020, granted due to excellent working conditions as well as growth and development paths for employees; the M&A Award, for having executed the best merger and acquisition “Italy Abroad” operation of 2019, with the acquisition of the British Blue Earth Diagnostics for 428 million euros; and finally, special recognition by the panel of judges for the “2020 European Responsible Care Award”, organised by Cefic for the project “Bracco taking care in COVID-19 times”, for “the rapid response in taking actions regarding the protection and training of employees, as well as keeping them informed.”

Naturally, we are fully aware that you can never stop. This is why we have given ourselves challenging new objectives, which you may discover inside this document: we want to increase gender equality, expand our already extensive company welfare plan, cut the amount of biological sludge in half, and increase the amount of renewable energy used by our plants.

Regarding sustainability, each company must do its part. Today more than ever, businesses are essential for translating the commitments outlined by the UN’s 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals -SDG) into concrete aims, and for integrating financial performance and corporate social responsibility. Following the pandemic, a strong vision will be needed for launching a post-Covid recovery that is centred around sustainability.

Having a vision means first identifying the basic characteristics of the transformations that must change our way of living, of consuming goods and energy, of working, of travelling, of receiving care. Having an overarching, long-term vision means taking concrete steps in that direction, striving, for instance, for a circular economy, for a new energy infrastructure, and for a broader use of renewable energy.

Furthermore, we are convinced that the world will be changed by this pandemic and that sustainable development will become a fundamental imperative. Everyone, with a holistic vision, will be compelled to recognise the deep bond between the well-being of people and the quality of the environment, between the health of people and the planet.

Diana Bracco
President and CEO of the Bracco Group
Diana Bracco Signature
Fulvio Renoldi Bracco
CEO of Bracco Imaging S.p.A.
Fulvio Renoldi Bracco Signature