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Research and innovation for progress

Our gaze towards the future

Research and innovation

Ours is a goal – to improve the quality of life –
which calls for an essential commitment in research:
we allocate important resources and investments
to develop innovative solutions
that can satisfy the new needs of patients and customers.
All to the benefit of the community.

118 ML € invested in research – 9% of turnover
1,900 patents
220 new patents in 2019
R&S Centers
56% female members of the GBUI R&D Department

At the cross point between business development and scientific progress, our constant research is borne out by our product portfolio as well as by the scientific articles published and it has made us an important player in various sectors. Just like in diagnostic imaging: with Bracco Imaging , we play important roles thanks to the solutions developed jointly with the Global Business Unit Imaging (GBUI) R&D Department.

The Ernst Felder Prize. We seek to foster the creation, in Italy, of a cutting edge pole dedicated to green chemistry that can attract young talent. How? Thanks to the prize we launched in 2019, through our Foundation and the collaboration between Bracco Imaging , the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Politecnico di Milano Foundation.

Bracco Innovation Hub. Established from the joint competences of our Group and the Italian Diagnostic Centre, in 2019 we founded the Bracco Innovation Hub to foster innovation in all corporate units. The expression of a holistic vision – deriving from medicine, data, industrial technology and the circular economy – the hub seeks to optimise in-house competences and external opportunities, opening up to innovation and interaction with research entities.

In Bracco, research rhymes with environment

We apply a green approach in all production phases of the new diagnostic entities: our R&D laboratories, use only environmentally-sustainable solvents and reagents. We also prepare our products with low environmental impact or biodegradable innovative materials. In thus doing, we help:

  • reduce and/or eliminate solvents and reagents that are toxic and dangerous for the environment;
  • ensure the virtuous recycling of regenerative raw materials;
  • increase energy efficiency.

From the quality of processes and products to the integrity of each activity

Quality Policy and Quality Management System: our two essential instruments to pursue the highest standards of quality, ethics and integrity, measuring and constantly improving processes. And this is not all: we wish to promote a shared culture of quality and to ensure the accountability of people.

We intend to do so through what we have termed the Quality Transformation Journey, the plan for transforming quality in the medium/long-term launched in 2013 and built around five phases:

  • redesign or organisation;
  • governance and process revision;
  • spread of the culture of quality;
  • staff engagement programme;
  • the “looking to the future” quality programme.
Research and innovation

Digitalisation: staying ahead of new trends and giving value to our Group

We look to digital innovation for the constant promotion of our services and products as well as the transparency of processes. Platforms, websites, new technologies: these are the tools through which, taking a paperless approach, we manage to expand awareness of our work.

+ 14,000 accesses to on-line educational and training events on diagnostic imaging topics
  • to offer customised approaches to radiological examinations according to the patient’s characteristics
  • Solutions in Contrast Imaging
  • Imaging Education
  • Applied Radiology
  • Training sessions with the European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI)

Bioethics: rights, standards and transparency

14 clinical trials carried out, involving more than 3,500 people

We work internationally in defining the risk-benefit ratio deriving from the use of new medicinal products that have not yet been approved and in outlining the efficacy and safety of use of products already in use.

We have therefore instituted a Clinical Quality Management System to make sure that clinical trials are fully compliant with the safeguarding of the rights, integrity and privacy of the participants, as well as international standards of ethics and scientific quality. This is not all: we share the results of our clinical trials to respect criteria of data publishing and transparency and, above all, for scientific progress to benefit the community.