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People at the centre

The heart of our work

People at the centre

Inclusion, the protection of health and safety, professional growth:
valuing people is the common thread of our story,
and their skills are the reason behind our success.
We pay attention to our professionals, listening to them carefully
to construct an inclusive environment and guarantee a working life
that conciliates with the private life and free time.

3,609 employees
~ 600 hirings in 2019
89% of our employees are hired on open-ended contracts

Diversity: the hallmark of our Group

We see diversity as the positive driver of change, a strength to be optimised and safeguarded through working conditions based on meritocracy and which respect human dignity and equal opportunities. We guarantee all this thanks to the non-discrimination policy included in our Code of Ethics.

We pay close attention to equal opportunities and contributing towards women in the world of work, in the pursuit of growing gender equality.

47% of collaborators are women
50% of the Bracco S.p.A. BoD are women
28% of managerial roles are held by women

From safety protection to company welfare

We see health and safety as a priority for our work. We protect them thanks to the internal departments appointed to this end – the Corporate Health, Safety & Environment (CHSE) structure first and foremost – just like we raise in-house awareness of a safety culture, through:

  • the Bracco HSE Awards, which each year reward the best in-house projects on environmental, health and safety themes;
  • training on the main health and safety standards, delivered to all those working in our Group.
Bracco HSE AwardsISO 45001

At the same time, we believe it is essential to assist our people in their personal and professional growth, supporting them with a complete welfare system that evolves constantly. From social to home assistance and psychological support, from summer campuses to study grants for the children of our employees, we help our people with their time management and work-life balance.

100% of workers on the production sites and at the research centres are covered by a Health and Safety Management System
ISO 45001 certification of all our operating sites
380,000 € invested in employee health services in Italy

New talent, new horizons

For a sustainable future we invest in the new generations and in the constant growth of those who, for some time now, have been part of a team: this is an essential principle we pursue and respect.

21% of our employees are aged under 30 years old
74,506 hours of training delivered
79% of staff involved in the training
61% of employees assessed periodically for performance

From universities to career paths. Partnerships with Italian universities and participation in Career Days give us the opportunity to add brilliant new graduates to our business. Some are assigned to the dedicated Future Leaders programme: customised training courses to prepare them to hold positions of higher responsibility.

All our people are also offered the corporate training programme , also delivered through e-learning platforms (B-NExT). Our goal? To combine the strategic development of our Group with the needs for professional growth: we create career paths that are tailored to our collaborators, also rewarding the achievement of individual performance and business objectives.

Attention to patients

We seek to respond in an increasingly appropriate manner to patients’ needs, improving the quality, efficacy and safety of our care. To do so, we set four essential aspects as underpinning our action:

  • high standards of service;
  • rigorous scientific method;
  • managerial transparency;
  • full compliance with the strictest regulations in force.

We believe that the work carried out by our supervisory operating system and by the Global Medical & Regulatory Affairs Department, in charge of guaranteeing that the policies, programmes, processes and operating systems of our Group are consistent with these principles, to be absolutely essential. Moreover, through the Drug Safety and Pharmacoepidemiology Department, we assure the constant monitoring of the safety of the use of new products under development and being tested, as well as those already on the market.

People at the centre

Us and the communities: social innovation, solidarity and the culture of health and prevention

+ 60 social initiatives worldwide

We are deeply rooted and tied to the communities and territories in which we operate. Aware of our social impact as a multinational business, we – with them and for them – develop social, cultural and educational projects.

10 years of the Bracco Foundation. Guided by its Chairman, Diana Bracco, the Foundation treasures the values accrued over longer than 90 years of history of the Bracco Family and our Group. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, it plays a leading role in increasing appreciation of the national and international artistic heritage, in the promotion of health and, in particular, preventive medicine for women and the education and professional training of the younger generation.

Us and sport.Sport is an opportunity to mature, improve and compare how we match up to others. It is also a way to ensure aggregation, cohesion and social inclusion”. From the words of Chairman Bracco to reality: we support hundreds of young athletes with the “We Play the Future”. project. Just like we also devote the national “Donna Sport” (women’s sport) competition to young athletes with good school results, an event that in 2019 saw the participation of 139 athletes, with 6 winners of whom 3 in the category of Paralympic sports.

The Culture of Health. We want to improve quality of life; to do so, we understand that it is essential to raise awareness of a culture of health and preventionand strive to ensure health education on radiological treatments. In the United States, in particular, we are a scientifically and economically active part of the Global Investigator Initiated Research Committee, funding study grants for on-line Continual Medical Education/EC (ECM/CE) programmes to improve assistance to American patients; we also support educational programmes on the importance of CT colonography (CTC) and colorectal cancer (CRC) screening tests. In the same way, in Italy we raise awareness amongst communities through the campaigns run by the Italian Diagnostic Centre (CDI) for the:

  • genetic identification of coeliac disease;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • scientific dissemination and prevention in respect of a more careful, aware young sexuality;
  • sensitisation towards hepatitis C and HIV;
  • sensitisation to genetics;
  • promotion of correct hand hygiene.

Our commitment to the future: the 2025 objectives

To continue to grow, to constantly set ourselves new challenges: for 2025, we want to direct our strategies even further towards sustainability, acting on diversity and company welfare.

Diversity To achieve 35% female management throughout the Group.

We will adopt policies and guidelines to increase the opportunities of women to hold key positions.
We will strengthen learning and education initiatives on leadership and management matters.
We will include the target in the HR Department management by objectives (MBO) system and monitor it annually.

Welfare & Wellbeing To update and improve company welfare.

We will offer new flexible benefits and new services to foreign companies, such as the Bracco Summer Camp.

People at the centre