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Business ethics

Our entrepreneurial vision

Business ethics

Social responsibility and ethical conduct of business:
the pillars of our entrepreneurial vision are supported in the Code of Ethics
through which we guide people,
guaranteeing a transaction, virtuous relationship with our suppliers,
supporting good practices and protecting personal data in all activities.

It is a culture we spread throughout our Group, using specific programmes to train our people on a way of doing ethical business and hinged on essential standards for the guarantee of integrity and transparency.

691 employees trained on the Global Anti-Trust Programme
1,368 employees trained on the Global Anti-Corruption Programme
+2,700 employees informed about the internal procedures and policies governing anti-corruption matters
+1,000 employees in Italy trained on the Model 231

Whistleblowing: our commitment for the future

Starting 2017, we have been defining the standards and rules for the management of reports, from which stems our Whistleblowing System. The work involves constant updates in order to:

  • establish a single channel to be used by all our Group companies and a Whistleblowing Committee (IA, Legal, HR);
  • define automation in the action to be taken with respect to the topics reported and the results of investigations;
  • guarantee the traceability of the whole process and establish an IT tool that could ensure the complete confidentiality of any non-anonymous reports made.

Supply chain: sharing of principles and monitoring

It is essential to share our culture of responsibility with direct and indirect suppliers: we have been doing this for some time now with the Global Procurement Policy applied to all Bracco Imaging companies. The procedure is extended to subsidiaries and joint ventures and is linked to standards of correctness and ethics dictated by our Code of Ethics.

Selection and qualification. We have implemented a supplier selection and qualification procedure, based on a risk matrix and an ethical monitoring system, which applies ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) parameters. Depending on the strategic importance of the supplier, we also monitor performance.

+1000 suppliers are monitored using the Procurement Catalyst, the new platform based on ESG metrics.
Be-procurement: our cloud system will integrate and monitor the supplier during the entire period of the relationship.
81 suppliers involved in the verification of SLAs with the CDI

The CDI. The Italian Diagnostic Centre (CDI) has its own Code of Ethics, again used as a basis for qualifying and assessing suppliers. For those considered most important, adhesion to the SLAs (Social Level Agreements) is also verified, through direct feedback from users and staff departments.

The value of local suppliers. We are a multinational group that stands close to local communities: we support and appreciate our local suppliers. And this, we believe, is key to personal well-being as well as to the development of our products and services.

~64% of procurement costs go to local suppliers
41% of our suppliers are Italian
Business ethics

Our commitment to data protection

Trust is a value on which we base all relations with our customers, patients, stakeholders. And this, for us, means working on our organisation, our policies and seeking to protect data confidentiality and security. We also raise awareness of and spread a culture that puts privacy right at the heart of our operations.

The Data Protection Programme. Through the DP Programme – managed and implemented by the Data Protection Officer (DPO) – we guarantee respect for the values of ethics and integrity, as well as alignment with local and international standards on personal data protection.

+1200 employees trained on privacy protection
2 e-learning modules on the GDPR delivered in Italy and Europe
OneTrust platform adopted to manage and control risks connected with personal data processing