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The Research and Development and Production Sites

Research Development Production Sites: increase of waste destined to recoveryResearch Development Production Sites: increase of waste destined to recovery

Finding New Technological solutions to Reduce Emissions, cut Energy Consumption and Recover Waste

At these sites, research activities and the development of new molecules, new synthesis processes and new indications for use of diagnostic imaging products are carried out.

Research has also enabled, over the years, a reduction of environmental impacts caused by the production of active ingredients.

Alongside research and development activities are manufacturing operations; in particular, at the Geneva facility, sulphur hexafluoride for scans is produced, while at the Colleretto Giacosa site, there is a pharmaceutical laboratory that prepares prefilled syringes, and a chemical plant that can be used both for research activities and for the manufacture of active ingredients.

BRACCO IMAGING S.P.A. Colleretto Giacosa (Piedmont), Italy

Colleretto Giacosa (Piedmont), Italy

Number of employees 131
HSE investments (mln. €) 0.6
HSE costs (mln. €) 0.13
Total investments (mln. €) 1.7

The Bracco Imaging site in Colleretto Giacosa is located in the “Silvano Fumero” Bio Industry Park. In this context, Bracco Imaging houses a chemical production plant used to manufacture active ingredients; the Pharmaceutical workshop, and an office area with back-up chemistry laboratories and research laboratories of the CRB (Bracco Research Centre).

Total production of finished products, expressed in tonnes, decreased significantly compared with 2016. It must be emphasised that the site is above all a research centre and that the production of the chemical and of the pharmaceutical plants can vary significantly from year to year.

BRACCO SUISSE SA Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Number of employees 88
HSE investments (mln. €) n.a.
HSE costs (mln. €) n.a.
Total investments (mln. €) n.a.

In Geneva, Bracco Suisse SA has a production plant and research laboratories dedicated to contrast media for US scans; in its avant-garde facilities, the site uses advanced production technologies and sophisticated safety and environmental protection measures.

In 2017, site production increased by 19.3% compared with 2016.

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