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The API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) Sites

VOC: volatile organic compoundsVOC: volatile organic compounds

The Ceriano Laghetto and Torviscosa API Production sites were created by converting old industrial areas without additional use of land by Bracco

The API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) sites produce the main and intermediate active principles for non-ionic contrast media (iopamidol, iomeprol, BOPTA, gadoteridol, iodoftal).

Research performed on the synthesis of active ingredients thanks to studies conducted by the Bracco Research Centre along with the adoption of suitable technologies, have resulted over time in the continuous decrease in the use of organic substances utilised as solvents.

BRACCO IMAGING S.P.A.Ceriano Laghetto (Monza and Brianza), Italy

Ceriano Laghetto (Monza and Brianza), Italy

Number of employees 297
HSE investments (mln. €) 3.6
HSE Costs (mln. €) 7.5
Total Investments (mln. €) 16.3

The Bracco Imaging plant in Ceriano Laghetto is located in an exclusively industrial zone. The site’s soil and subsoil were cleaned up and safety measures were implemented and completed in 2000.

The Bracco Imaging site in Ceriano Laghetto specialises in the synthesis of “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (API) used in the production of contrast media. More specifically, iopamidol, gadoteridol and bopta are produced at this site. In 2017 production was essentially the same as the previous year.

SPIN S.P.A. Torviscosa (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Italy

Torviscosa (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Italy

Number of employees 135
HSE investments (mln. €) 3.2
HSE costs (mln. €) 1.4
Total Investments (mln. €) 10.7

The SPIN plant in Torviscosa is located on the site occupied by the Caffaro S.p.A. (formerly SNIA) industrial complex. To build the plant, it was necessary to implement an industrial recovery project that left the historical external architecture intact while rebuilding the internal structures with cutting-edge technologies. The Spin plants meet high safety and worker protection parameters and the best environmental protection standards.

Spin produces contrast media for radiology, and in particular: iomeprol and iodoftal (product which is used at the Ceriano Laghetto site as raw material for the production of iopamidol). Again in 2017, production of finished products increased compared with the previous year at this site (+3.4%).


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