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Bracco - Life from inside

A business allied with the environment

Environmental protection, always

A business allied with the environment

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental value of our Group:
an objective that we pursue actively, a commitment we have been reporting on
and communicating about since 1996, through the Environmental Report.

Corporate Health Safety & Environment Policy new policy to achieve the highest safety standards and reduce the environmental impacts
3 projects rewarded at the Bracco HSE Awards
400 solar panels installed in Harleen (Holland) with Acist Europe BV

Areas of action

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Improvement of energy efficiency
  • Efficient water management
  • Promotion of the circular economy
  • Care for biodiversity and ecosystems

Thanks to the Corporate Health Safety & Environment (CHSE) Department, created in the 1970s, we promote the dissemination and sharing of standards for protecting the environment and people.

Moreover, in 2017 we instituted the Bracco HSE Awards to reward every year the very best in-house projects for environmental sustainability, health and safety in the plants across the globe.

Production, watchword: efficiency

Correct energy resource management is a priority for us in all its aspects.

Reduction of polluting emissions. Three fronts, a single commitment: through environmental management systems, manuals and operating instructions, we can run and implement procedures, measures and scheduled maintenance works in order to limit pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

Towards renewable sources. We perform energy diagnoses thanks to our Energy Management Department, to constantly improve our performance in the reduction of resource consumptions. Our objectives include:

  • to obtain 60% of energy from renewable sources and LEE GOLD certification for the Milan headquarters by 2022;
  • to reduce the emissions of the Ceriano Laghetto plant by 5,500 tonnes a year, thanks to the new cogeneration plant.
+12% of electricity acquired comes from renewable sources
+31 MWh electricity produced in-house, by photovoltaic plants
2018: Responsible Care for Revaping technical lighting prize at the Torviscosa plant

Water: the most valuable resource of all

We want to reduce use of water resources; we have therefore implemented a system for monitoring withdrawals at source and which consequently allows us to precisely evaluate the consumption of our main production sites.

15,500 megalitres withdrawn in the Group’s structures, a reduction on 2018
Together with the Regional Authority of Lombardy we seek to minimise the consumption of water obtained from the water table by the Ceriano plant
-50 megalitres of waste water discharged from the plants of Colleretto Giacosa, Torviscosa, Ceriano Laghetto, Geneva, Shanghai and Singen
A business allied with the environment

Circular economy: we consider the life cycle of a product in an integrated manner

+25% increase in recovery of API drums
~26% recycling of waste produced
+6% increase in the use of recycled materials for product packaging
44% solvents recovered on the consumption of indirect raw materials used in the production processes

Our waste management – regulated globally by the CHSE Policy – is inspired by a regenerative approach:

  • based on recycling and recovery to extend the useful life of products and assets;
  • guarantor of transparency and control for an aware process that takes into account the environmental impact.

We also assure:

  • adoption of sustainable, reusable packaging, compatibly with the highest quality standards;
  • responsible, careful use of resources, privileging the use of alternative raw materials and carefully assessing consumption and traceability;
  • search for innovative, sustainable solutions, constructing a solid bridge between research – our pulsing heart – universities and businesses.

A bridge between research, university and business.

We are committed to developing innovative, sustainable solutions with:

  • Bocconi University, to analyse product management based on the circular economy;
  • the Blue Sky study to reduce the use of solvents and certain reagents in the synthesis of iopamidol;
  • the development of a solution that maximises the recovery of iodine from industrial mother liquors with a process patented in 2019 in Ceriano Laghetto and launched with a specific new plant;
  • the congresses held at Bio Industry Park Silvano Fumero, with the participation of world-famous scientists, like Nobel prizewinner for chemistry, James Fraser Stoddart;
  • Start To Be Circular, competition promoted by our Foundation for start-ups dedicated to innovation through the circular economy.

Our commitment to the future: the 2025 objectives

To continue to grow, to constantly set ourselves new challenges: for 2025, we want to direct our strategies even further towards sustainability, acting on the circular economy and renewable energy.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY To reduce the volume of biological sludge by 50%.
RENEWABLE ENERGY To ensure more than 15% of all electricity consumed is FER certified of origin.